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Terms & Conditions

The AnatomyShop has its registered office at Buildings 219/1 Rajendar Nagar - Meerut 250002 India.and its branch offices at 2nd and 6th Floor.

Anatomy Shop does not hold any liability If the customers (after making purchase and getting their order delivered) came to know that the item they have ordered is not the right one for demonstrating specific anatomy feature Customer should make well informed purchases at their end still we will accept return in such cases but shipping charges will have to be born by the customers.

Anatomy Shop is not responsible for any breach in performance of any Educational Model as these models are not manufactured by us but just being sold by us but if the product is covered under warranty or return policy then customers are entitled for refund on return.

If GSTIN and/or business entity details are not provided by You, it will be presumed that it is a personal purchase and not a business purchase.

Anatomy Shop is not responsible to verify the correctness of the GSTIN and/or entity name provided by You and You shall be entirely responsible to provide the accurate details.

All the educational models and materials being sold on our site is made up of non-toxic PVC plastic which is safe and long lasting.

For enquires and support you can drop us an email at