Anatomy Shop

Refund Policy

As per AnatomyShop's return policy customers can return their purchased items with-in 3 Days from the date of delivery.

If customers approaches us after 3 days from the date of delivery then we are not liable for and returns , refunds or exchange.

We accept returns of the products purchased from our site only if customers wants to return products purchased from other outlets or distributors their returns will not be accepted.

Refund on returns is given via Electronic payment methods only , Refund as cash can not be provided.

Customers have to return the purchased item in the original form they purchased it if we found anything is missing from the returned item or changed we hold the rights to discard refund and conduct legal proceedings at our will.

If there is no manufacturing defect in the product but customer still want to return it as they have realised that they not require it or it's not useful for the intended purpose then customers have to bear the Forward+Reverse Shipping Charges.

In-case customer is not available at the time of delivery or not responds to delivery person's call and their order gets RTO we are not liable in such case and the shipping charge has to be born by customer.