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Brain Model With Arteries - Can Be Dissembled Into 8 Parts For In-Depth Study, Premium Quality

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Product Description

Brain Model:

This anatomical human brain model by Anatomy Shop is one of the most popular brain model among teachers, students, neurologists, psychiatrists and therapists as it facilities the learning of complex brain structures and anatomical processes.

Majority of people are tired of memorizing human brain parts and it's structures via repetitions and just want a quick and easy solution for the same and this human brain model is exactly what is needed to not just memorize but to conceptually learn the anatomical details, structures and processes of human brain.

This brain model can be dissembled in to 8 parts which allows in-depth study of human brain from inside out. It also depicts human brain's arterial supply with utmost accuracy.


  • Human Brain 3d Model: We all know that we better learn and remember what we see than what we read and the concept behind this anatomical brain model is exactly the same it is a 3d representation of human brain which makes it great for students and teachers to memorise and learn human brain.
  • Brain Anatomical Model: Each brain model goes through a series of checks before being packed by a team of professional anatomists and medical professional just to make sure that each anatomical detail is represented accurately.
  • Plastic Brain Model: Human brain model is made up of non-toxic medical grade pvc plastic which is strong, long lasting and soft in texture to mimic human brain tissues.
  • Human Brain Model For Teaching: This is a perfect brain model for teaching purposes it can be used in medical colleges, schools and universities for teaching about human brain.
  • Parts Of The Brain Model: This human brain model can be dissembled into 8 parts which can be re-assembled again which not only allows the in-depth study of each brain part from inside out but also help memorising brain anatomy by arranging the parts in right order again and again.
  • Human Brain Model Labeled: Best thing about this brain model is that if you put your customised labels on it for your own or your students' reference it will not leave any glue residue on the brain model nor it will damage it.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Human Brain Model.
  • Model No: MR-BRM01.
  • Brand: MYASKRO.
  • Weight: 1.2kgs.
  • Usage: Learning And Teaching About Human Brain.

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